In September 2014 schools teaching KS1 and KS 2 pupils took on a new Primary National Curriculum. The government wanted to provide schools with a slimmed down curriculum that ensure that the core principles were outlined, whilst giving teachers more freedom with the breadth of the content. This is particularly the case in the foundation subjects where key principles have been shared but the ‘topics’ for driving this can be wide ranging.
The new Maths and English curriculums are aimed at further raising standards nationally and many objectives have been moved into lower year groups as children are expected to grasp key skills more quickly.
After a lot of hard work, the planning for the new curriculum is fully embedded at Hiltingbury Junior. However, teachers are always making tweaks and small revisions to what is planned to make teaching relevant and interesting for the children.
As well as seeking to ensure that we meet all statutory requirements, we also want to make sure that we fulfil our vision of an outstanding curriculum.
Our curriculum will:

Be relevant to the needs of our children and the current issues they are considering

Wherever possible be led by the children

Will promote the core skills of Maths, English and Communication across the school day

Take a cross-curricular approach to make meaningful links between subject areas

Will promote the skills of learning and will involve children in assessment of their learning

Inspire through creative hooks and meaningful outcomes for real audiences

Incorporate visits and visitors to enhance learning

Be personalised for the learning needs of each pupil

Make use of the expertise we have in the school community

Make use of the physical resources we have in school, such as ICT and the school grounds

Each year team produces a termly curriculum overview which can be downloaded below. These are posted on the website just before the term starts so that the curriculum information is as accurate as possible. For information about a future term please have a look at the previous year. This will give an IDEA of what will be covered. Alternatively, please come in to the school office and ask for Jon Clark, the Head of School, to find out more.

Year 3

Autumn 2018
Spring 2018
Summer 2018

Year 4
Autumn 2017
Spring 2018
Summer 2018


Year 5
Autumn 2017
Spring 2018
Summer 2018

Year 6
Autumn 2017
Spring 2018
Summer 2018

Maths Information Evening 2016
Spelling Information Evening Presentation- 1st March 2016

Spelling Information Evening Presentation – 1st March 2016

Spelling Evening Information Booklet for Parents

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Reslience Power Point

English Glossary
7-9 Recommended Reading List
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Wacky Weeks
Long Term Map – Whole School
National Curriculum Document
Assessment of Foundation Subjects 
English Information Evening
English Information Evening Spelling
Maths Information Evening Presentation
Written Strategies for Maths