Collective Worship

We strongly believe that Collective Worship establishes a sense of school community and is a central part of our celebrations, reflections and establishment of values. Throughout the week there are times when the whole school comes together, or in upper or lower school teams or as classes. We also seek to create opportunities each term for wider acts of Collective Worship when parents are also invited to join us.

Collective Worship is a legal requirement in schools and should take place daily. Following the legislation of the 1988 Education Act it ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’. On the occasions that a member of staff does share a prayer then the words, ‘Hear my prayer’ are used and children are invited to say ‘Amen’ at the end if they wish. If parents would like to withdraw their child from Collective Worship then they need to contact the Headteacher. Parents can view the Collective Worship overview for each half term here so that they may make an informed decision (although please be aware that minor changes are always possible). We have also included a copy of the school’s Collective Worship policy.


Collective Worship Spring 2019
Collective Worship Autumn 2018
Collective Worship Spring 2018