Hiltingbury Learner

The Hiltingbury Learner is a phrase which is understood by all the staff and pupils in our school. It is a shared language of learning and describes the learners that we want to nurture at Hiltingbury.

We believe effective learners draw upon six key learning skills to support them and we use the motto ‘WE CARE’ about learning to help everyone remember them:

Working together




Reflection and


Our children work hard to develop these skills and attitudes and look forward to assemblies each week when we celebrate their learning with them and award certificates and badges.

To help promote these learning skills, we have a Learning Council with representatives from every class in school. They lead discussions on learning amongst their peers, carry out observations of the learning happening in classrooms and provide feedback for children about their strengths and next steps as learners.

The Hiltingbury Learner supports the idea of a Growth Mind set. We encourage our children (and our staff) to see learning as a positive challenge and that our achievements will continue to grow with our efforts.

Please download our “we care about learning” document here

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Handouts from Growth Mindset Evening

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