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Year 3 Weekly Highlights 4.11.22

We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back in after the half-term break. It has been full steam ahead in year 3. 

We have now finished our flyers in English. There will be a total of 24 selected to be displayed in Sparks Ellison's front window. We are yet to choose these but will contact you once they have been passed on for you to be able to visit, should you wish. The children have wowed us with their presentation skills and determination throughout this project. Miss Loosemore visited 3BC this afternoon to see our finished flyers and, I think it would be fair to say, she was blown away! Well done year 3. 

In maths, our focus has been mental methods of addition and subtractions. The children have used their ambitions skills throughout this unit and are always eager to apply their minds to new concepts. 

We had a wonderful start to the week with our trip to Hilliers where we were immersed in all things Stone Age. Many of the children have said this was a highlight of their year so far. There was a range of activities as part of our hook into this History unit. A huge thank you again to all the parents who kindly volunteered their time - we are very grateful. Also, a sincere apology again for parents of children in 3D whose children arrived late back to school. This was an issue out of our control and we are so very grateful for you being so patient.


There are some wonderful photos to share with you which we will upload next week as we have had no Internet in school this afternoon. 

No photos have been added to this album yet.