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Year 3 Weekly Highlights 24.2.23

A warm welcome back to the second half of the spring term. 

The children have got straight back into learning with their usual can do attitude! This was demonstrated on Tuesday when we completed our length and perimeter prove it. On Tuesday afternoon, we spent the afternoon thinking about Ambition and how we can apply this to our learning. We also thought about ways in which we can develop our school curriculum. 

We also had a very exciting discovery this week. In the school garden, we found some dragon eggs! This is the start of a very exciting half-term of reading work centred around the book "The boy who grew dragons" written by Andy Shepherd. We will be reading this book and completing activities as we go. It is a wonderfully entertaining read - we do, therefore, ask that you allow us to explore this text before encouraging your children to re-read it with you at home.  

In English, we have continued our work on just so stories. This is going to be a paired writing unit. This gives the children a fantastic opportunity to write with a partner and develop their working together skills. The teachers have carefully paired the children so that they get the most from this exciting opportunity. We have started to plan our stories, some of our titles include: How the wolf got its howl; how the rhino got its horn and how the elephant got its trunk. We are going to be sharing these with year 6 once we have written them as well. 

In science, we have been planning an investigation, asking "which liquid is the most viscous?" We will be completing these experiments next week so be sure to check in next week to see how we've got on. 

We have started a new unit in PDL looking at 'living difference'. Our first lesson was entitled "respect and challenge" where the children had to work collaboratively to create a playground game for them all to play. We then asked them to reflect on how successfully they:

  • Included everyone in the group
  • Behaved respectfully with courtesy and manners
  • Organised the task
  • Listened to each other’s suggestions
  • Managed when they thought there were difficulties with the ideas shared. 

We are looking forward to next week - especially World Book Day on Friday. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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