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Year 3 Weekly Highlights 10.5.24

The sun came out at the perfect time this week for our learning on shadows in Science! All 3 classes had the opportunity to apply their learning from last week on translucent, transparent, reflective and opaque materials to help explain the formation of shadows in their practical investigation. They were then presented with a challenge to explain how we can control the size of the shadow, with the aim to share their findings to a puppet show company and equally reflect on their findings for their own shadow theatres ahead of our showcase event!

In Maths, we have drawn on our knowledge of coins and notes to reflect on the most efficient methods to solve money addition and subtraction problems. We are now focusing on applying these skills to real life problems and how to calculate change.

As we continue to follow Edmund, Lucy, Susan and Peter on their adventure into Narnia, Year 3 encountered the White Witch and created descriptions that have been both detailed and creative to capture her physical appearance and the qualities of her character. We ended the week, exploring the moment Edmund first entered the ice palace and generated a range of sentences using our senses, adverbs and prepositions.

In Art, we have drawn on our knowledge of positive and negative space in artwork, alongside our imagination and creativity to create our own silhouettes for our Narnia inspired landscapes.

Across the cohort, we have seen a great start with our year group times table challenge on TTRS, we will continue to celebrate the children’s progress and hard work on Monday. Thank you all for your continued support with this.

We wish everyone a lovely weekend!
Year 3 Team

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