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Year 4 Weekly Highlights 4.11.22

It may have only been a 4 day week, but we've packed a lot in!  In maths, we are continuing with our addition and subtraction unit. First of all, we will be developing the children's mental strategies before moving onto formal written methods of calculation with up to 4 digit numbers. In English, we have started our fantastic Fairy Tale Twists unit. This has a focus on Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will be writing their own version, but with an unexpected ending. Through the unit, they will learn how to punctuate speech accurately and practise their use of fronted adverbials and complex sentences. 

In the afternoons, the children loved investigating the melting of chocolate in our science lessons, as we tried to decide which would be the best chocolate for Prince Pondicherry (from the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to build his palace with. The most common conclusion was that white chocolate seemed to take the longest to melt and so would be best. It has also been a musical week, with 4S playing the ukelele, 4DN composing their own songs and 4P listening to music and identifying the different types of singing they could hear. Have a great weekend, ready for another action packed week!

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