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Year 4 Weekly Highlights 18.11.22

Rainy days have two benefits; 1: the wet play cupboard and the opportunity to play and build with lego, chess and many other games with your friends in in the classroom and 2: the appreciation of the playground when the sun streams through the clouds, even if it is just enough time to run around for half an hour.  This week has certainly been wet and it seems poor Mr Gardiner (our wonderful caretaker) has spent the week chasing the leaves to avoid the classrooms looking like a forest floor!  Despite these gloomy days, the children have continued to be enthusiastic with their learning and strive to achieve the new concepts.  In maths, we have progressed to multiple exchanges in column subtraction using place value coins to demonstrate how and why we exchange.  In English, we are reaching the climax of our fairy tale twists with our own retelling of the classic tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, with the twist that Jack shows empathy to the giant and they become friends.  In the latest events in our reading, Wick the young orphan telling the story has discovered a carved baby's cradle the size of an acorn in the yard of the factory where the children work.  The children will be completing an independent writing task on Friday to persuade the orphanage inspector to actually check out this orphanage since they do not think children should be working in factories and sleeping on the floor!  Our new unit on states of matter in science continues to create awe and wonder with experiments and investigations into evaporation and condensation.

With Christmas adverts now a daily occurrence on television the big question is, Is it too early for Christmas decorations???   Have a wonderful weekend and please keep practising your times tables.  How many new ones can you achieve this weekend?

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