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Year 4 Weekly Highlights 25.11.22

We are very excited in year 4 this week – for the first time, the children will be taking home copies of our current reading text for the weekend! Harklights is a fantastic book and the children are really engaged and passionate about the characters already. Please do encourage your child to read the chapter or pages specified each week, to take good care of their copy and to bring it back to school on the correct day.

In maths, having spent time practising and consolidating the formal methods for addition and subtraction, we’ve been learning how to choose the most efficient method and how to use our rounding skills to make estimates.

It’s been a week of poetry in English. We read ‘The Trouble with Dragons’ and unpicked all of the ways that they were damaging the world for the other animals. They were polluting the air with car and factory fumes, littering, using up all of the food and drink and building over green spaces. The children soon realised that it wasn’t really talking about dragons! The pupils were great at working out that the theme of our poetry this week is all about protecting the environment/sustainability. We then wrote our own poems from the perspective of the animals, thinking about what they would say to the dragons (or humans!) if they could.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Team

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