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Year 4 Weekly Highlights 1.12.23

Wow, what a week it’s been!

We kicked off the week with anti bullying activities all day on Monday, exploring the topic of ‘banter vs bullying’. This involved looking at various scenarios and unpicking whether the behaviour involved could be classed as banter (everyone is in on the joke and enjoying it) or bullying (repeated unkind behaviour that is targeted), and at what point it turned from one to the other. We also discussed how important our voices are in helping to stop bullying.

We also moved into our brand new classrooms this week (plus working out new gates, routes, lockers etc) and the children have been incredible at managing all of the changes sensibly. They have still continued to demonstrate excellent Hiltingbury learner skills and community values throughout the week.

In English and art we are now fully immersed in all things dragon related. We are using Cressida Cowells’ The Incomplete Book of Dragons as inspiration and will be working towards beautifully illustrated and informative pages to add to her book.

The children are really enjoying getting stuck into Malala’s Magic Pencil in our reading lessons and have been predicting why her pencil might be magic. They have also considered what they might draw if they had their own magic pencils!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend,

The year 4 team

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