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Year 5 Weekly Highlights

Year 5 have had an amazing week of creativity! 

Based on our picture book, The Flood, the children have thoroughly enjoyed writing from the River’s perspective. Embodying the thoughts and feelings of the River, we have used fronted adverbials, language to portray emotion and figurative language to capture the changing mood. Honestly, we have been blown away with the outcomes and are very excited to share these photos with you when the children have published their work on Monday. Photos to come! 

In Maths, the children have demonstrated creativity in their thinking applying a range of rules to compare fractions greater and less than 1. Rising to the challenge, they have been proving their understanding through the use of bar models and with the correct stem sentences.

We have also started our new RE unit this week based on the concept of Sewa, meaning service, in Sikhism. It has been great to first explore what service means in their own lives and then to produce posters demonstrating their understanding. 

Excited for next week, we hope our push meters will arrive so we can apply our understand of friction to the grip of different shoes. It was perfect timing this week to get a little snow so we could discuss how snow and ice affects friction and therefore what makes grip so important! 

This week was also our library visit so do enjoy reading those new books over the weekend!

Happy weekend!

The Year 5 Team

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