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Year 5 Weekly Highlights 9.6.23

Year 5 have had a fun-filled week in the sunshine. 


We have enjoyed the start of our dance lessons exploring the hip-hop style. We have practised new moves, played a copycat game and began to put our dance steps together into the start of a routine. 


Creativity has been a big part of the week for all of us as we have also been focused on poetry. We enjoyed sharing the poems we had learnt at home in class and were really proud of Amelie, Louis and James for representing the year group. The poetry theme continued into English lessons and we have been enjoying collecting lots of vocabulary to write our own river poems. Next week we will be using our 'palettes of words' to construct our own stanzas in the style of Joshua Seigal and we can't wait to publish some of these next week for you to read!


It has been a week of firsts this week as we have also started a new history unit learning about the changing power of monarchy. So far we have explored what monarchy actually is and next week we will be looking at the reign of King John.


Maths has needed a lot of ambition this week as we have been exploring imperial and metric units of measurement and how to convert between these. Maybe you could explore when you come across imperial units at home to reinforce this learning.


Have a great weekend and enjoy reading your new library books!


The Year 5 Team


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