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Year 5 Weekly Highlights 6.10.23

What children in Year 5 have enjoyed this week :) 


Sam- French has been fun this week because we have gotten to practice and develop our French accents using our French sounds. 


Ollie W & Eva R- Science has been great this week because we got to make a model of the moon and Earth orbiting round the sun using card and pins. 


Freddie- In dance we have been learning lots of warm up moves and making up dances relating to space and planets. We have also been competing against each other which has been fun! 


Charlie- I have enjoyed the maths challenges this week where we have been trying to find missing numbers in column subtraction sums.


Beatrix- I have enjoyed the reading because we got to speak to a real life author (Julie Abery- author of Yusra Swims). 2 interesting things are that she loves chocolate and cheese & she finds it easy to write rhyme rather then normal stories.



Have a great weekend!

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