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Year 6 Weekly Highlights 25.11.22

What have we been doing in Year 6 this week?

In English this week we planned for our letter that we are going to write to the previous prime minister (Theresa May). This letter will be from the viewpoint of Leonard / Grace / Marie with the aim to free the people arrested.  

In Maths, we learnt about  converting units of measurements and time. For example: there are 1000 metres in a kilometre and 100 centimetres in a metre and 10 millimetres in a centimetre 

This week we did a lot of science about electricity and learnt about the scientific symbols of a circuit therefore we could draw, label and make a running circuit. We also learnt that electricity was measured in voltage and learnt that how bright something was measured in lumens (lux).

On Monday this week we watched the world cup which was very, very exciting!!!!!

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