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Year 6 Weekly Highlights 23.2.24

Welcome back to a wet and soggy week where we had to spend two whole days stuck inside the classroom during our break times. Despite this, we have started a new English unit on spider and fly where we are developing our language choices to portray character: a devious spider and gulliable fly. We are looking forward to developing this story with the demise of the fly. 

In maths , we are still studying geometry. We have been looking at how shapes can be transformed through translation and reflection. The new mathematical word of the week is congruent. 

Everest continues to inspire us as we plan our compostion of a Nepalese landscape looking at how perspective affects the scale of elements of the foreground and the background. 

Health and exercise is the name of the game for science! We have learnt about how we keep our circulatory system functioning. The children will be delving into the realms of blood vessels, heart and lungs and how they all are inter-related. 

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