Learning Ladders

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Each child has a Learning Ladder booklet for reading, writing and maths. Each of these booklets divides the new curriculum up into key skills, and the rungs on the ladders are then the key milestones. These rungs are signed and dated by the class teacher and when this has happened three times the children colour in the complete rung in their year group colour. These booklets identify children’s next steps and are used daily in lessons to targets with the children. The online Learning Ladders tool is also accessible to parents so they can see the progress of their child. What has been signed off on the paper versions used in class is uploaded onto the online tool once a term.

Two of our staff, Diana Massa and Zara Chambers, travelled to Madinaty in Cairo, Egypt in November to work with a British International school who have implemented the Learning Ladders. The school found the support and CPD invaluable. Further trips to Learning Ladder schools in Germany and the United Arab Emirates are also in the pipeline!

We have produced written guidance, as well as a short ‘film’ for those who would rather watch than read! There is also a transition booklet ready that shows the handover from the old curriculum with levels to the new curriculum with each of the skills in reading and writing.

There are also P-Level versions of the ladders and a ladder for Science and each of the foundation subjects, although this will be for teacher use only, rather than a booklet accessed by pupils.

We are continuing to produce our own standardised examples of each reading, writing and Maths rung which we are using to moderate our judgements.

The DfE have created a web page where all of the nine schools can share their resources. Our work is posted on www.learningladders.info . We also have a twitter account:

Twitter: @Learningladder5

Although the thought of life after levels was daunting, we have embraced the opportunity to review our assessment practice. We don’t have all the answers (in fact we have lots of questions of our own still!) but we are glad to be able to share with you what we are doing.

Best wishes,

Sam Hunter