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Forest School

Welcome to our Forest School!

We are very excited at Hiltingbury Junior School to announce that we are introducing Forest School as part of our new curriculum.  This exciting venture will be lead by Mrs Richardson, who is completing her level 3 Forest School Leadership course.

Whilst at Forest School the children will enjoy a range of activities as well as closely supervised unstructured play. Each session will have a plan; however, the plans will be kept open and fluid so they can be very much by guided by events, and by what the children want to do as each forest school will be unique. Examples of the types of opportunities the children will have:

  • mindfulness activities
  • Connecting with nature
  • Shelter building
  • Natural arts and crafts
  • Story telling
  • Tree and leaf recognition
  • Bug hunting
  • Pond dipping
  • Using tools
  • Fire lighting
  • Cooking on a fire

The Forest School Association states that ‘Forest School is a child-centred inspirational learning process that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. It is a long-term program that supports play, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.’ Forest School is a child-led, play-based experience.  At Forest school, we explore the natural environment to evoke curiosity and imagination and use available, natural, resources to create and play. We encourage children to take responsibility for our surrounding environment and the plants and animals who call the woodland their home. We offer children opportunities to learn fun, valuable life skills which builds confident, independent, learners. Children are allowed to explore and play at their own pace and follow their own interests. We will provide opportunities each week that children can choose to play with or they can create their own ideas.

Much research has been provided on the benefits of children and young people participating in Forest School activities for example:

¨ Increases self-confidence and self esteem

¨ Develops communication and language skills

¨ Fosters independence

¨ Encourages cooperation and team work

¨ Develops new skills and enhances fine and gross motor skills

¨ Builds resilience and perseverance

 ¨ Promotes wellbeing!

 ¨ Is fun!

We can't wait to share our exciting adventures to come!