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Music Lessons 2021-22

We are very proud to offer such a wide variety of instrument choices at Hiltingbury Junior School, as we recognise the many benefits that a musical education brings. Teachers will work with their pupils to ensure they understand how to practise effectively, and they will communicate which pieces and skills need to be worked on each week. If your child does take up music lessons with us, we hope that they enjoy their musical journey!

Offers for instrument tuition for the next academic year have been made and we are now operating a waitlist. If your child wishes to go on this, please email the Admin Office. 

In Year 3 we offer Recorder lessons and for pupils in Years 4 to 6, we also offer Woodwind, Guitar, Bowed Strings, Keyboard and Piano lessons.  Lessons take place during school time so your child will be withdrawn from the classroom to have their tuition.

If your child wishes to take up lessons, you will need to provide an instrument.  These can be rented or purchased from music shops who can give details on cost.  We continue to participate in the Assisted Purchase Scheme which means that selected instruments can be purchased through the school VAT free.  This makes these items cheaper. Once your child has a confirmed place, if you are interested in the scheme please follow the link below where you will find instructions.  For piano/keyboard lessons please note you would need to have your own piano/keyboard at home for practice between lessons; the Assisted Purchase Scheme does not apply as the instrument is not being carried to and used in school.*

Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

A firm commitment is needed for the lessons as you undertake to have tuition for the whole academic year. Payment is required in advance as we need to set up a contract for the relevant teaching staff and unfortunately refunds cannot be given if your child misses a lesson due to absence.  You will be asked to sign a Tuition Agreement form which sets out the terms and conditions of the lessons.  The cost for the year for 2021-22 is £92 for recorders and £242 for all other instruments, which will cover a minimum of 30 lessons.  This price also covers a practice diary in which your child can record the pieces/skills they are working on and their number of practise sessions each week. It is the Governors’ policy to remit part of the cost for children whose parents are in receipt of certain Government Employment Benefits.  Parents should either write or call at the school office to arrange to discuss in confidence with Miss Loosemore.  Any pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium can utilise this funding for music lessons.

Please note that the school does subsidise the scheme as we feel it is very beneficial for children to have the opportunity to learn to play and the school does not profit financially from this tuition.

We endeavour to ensure all children are able to take up the instrument of their choice but where we are over-subscribed we will pick children at random and then allocate second choice instrument.

If you accept an offer to learn an instrument it is extremely unlikely that your child will be able to learn to play an alternative instrument during their time at Hiltingbury Junior School.  

Yours sincerely,

Eve Nurdin
Music Subject Leader

* Children learning the piano or keyboard use a school instrument