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PDL - Personal Development Learning

PDL at Hiltingbury Junior School

Our Intent

At Hiltingbury Junior School, we promote the personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children across the curriculum. We promote the importance of and value both physical and mental health, and emotional literacy. We provide accurate and relevant knowledge about Health and Well-being, Relationships and life in the Wider World, delivered with reference to our school community values, British values and the law. 

In addition to curriculum content, PDL and SMSC is enhanced through our assembly programme, trips and visitors to our school, including Parliament Days and annual ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ assemblies and workshops from the NSPCC.

Our Curriculum Design

The skills progression that runs throughout our planning is in line with the new statutory guidance, supported by quality assured resources from the PSHE Association Programme of Study. The key subject skills that we value are:

  • Developing pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and resilience so that they learn to appreciate both their own strengths and weaknesses and those in others.
  • Developing independence and responsibility so that they can think for themselves and make informed decisions, including decisions that help to keep themselves safe.
  • Developing a tolerant attitude towards others and respecting the differences between people, societies and cultures.
  • Developing principles for distinguishing between right and wrong.
  • Developing enduring values, integrity and autonomy to help them become responsible and caring citizens capable of contributing to the development of a just society.
  • Developing an awareness and understanding of the environments in which they live.

We teach these skills through the 3 core areas of:

Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World