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Parent Forum

Parent Forum Group at Hiltingbury Junior School

The role of Parent Representative at Hiltingbury Junior School

The Parent Representatives are a group of parents from across the school who kindly volunteer their time each half term to meet with staff. The main aim of the meetings is to use the voice of our parents to help us achieve the best possible outcomes for our children. It is an opportunity for the staff to share information about School Developments and for the parent representatives to share feedback from their year group. It is a role in which we value parents in being able to make a real contribution to our school and help to create a greater sense of community across the school.

Main Aims:

  • To strengthen the partnership between parents and staff
  • To support the children’s learning
  • To facilitate parental understanding of the curriculum of the school
  • To share and celebrate the successes of our community
  • To provide clarification over any issues in order to avoid confusion
  • To involve parents in the decision-making process for various improvements and changes within the school
  • To act as a forum for feedback and a voice for suggestions

Some examples of really helpful feedback have been:

  • Feedback from Parents regarding our new reading curriculum and homework expectations
  • Reassurance offered by Headteacher regarding COVID plans and practices   
  • Developing the pastoral support the school offers

The school sets the curriculum agenda in liaison with representatives and is a balance of our curriculum ambitions, school resources and strategic developments. Meeting outcomes and discussions are shared by a nominated Parent representative to the whole school community through our school Hiltingbury Highlights.

The school has an open policy to working with parents and staff are available at the end of the school day to listen and talk about any query or concern parents may have. If something requires more time, they will schedule a time to sit down with you as soon as they can.  Alternatively, you can request a phone call or meeting by emailing or send a note in with your child at the start of the day.


Our next meeting is on 23.1.23 at 2pm

If you would like to help us please email;

Your support will help us make a difference!!!