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School lunches

All of our meals in school are provided by Education Catering @ £3.00 per meal 

HC3S - Are changing their name and logo. HC3S will be known as Education Catering

Our school caterers are award-winning caterers, managed by Hampshire County Council Education Catering, formerly known as HC3S. Visit the pages on their website for their menus and other information. News | Hampshire County Council ( can also keep up-to-date, by following them on social media.

Facebook: @hc3seducation Twitter: @hc3s6

A registered dietician has been responsible for ensuring Education Catering provide nutritious school meals for children with special diets since 2017. They work closely with a food development team to ensure all the food they serve is tasty, healthy and compliant with school food regulations.

Education Catering have worked hard to reduce sugar in our school meals. When planning menus they look to use reduced sugar recipes, reduce the amount of added sugar and add more fruit to our desserts. They no longer include salt in our recipes. Our catering teams are not allowed to add salt to their cooking at all, and are encouraged to use spices and herbs to flavour dishes.

See below for our current menus. 

Packed Lunches can also be brought in from home. We do ask for these to be suitable for school with healthy options, ie no chocolate or fizzy drinks.

There are a high number of students in school with nut allergies, Hiltingbury Junior School is therefore a nut free school, this includes cereal bars, Nutella, praline chocolates etc