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School uniform

School Uniform           
The wearing of uniform is strongly encouraged. It is noticeable that children who come to school smartly dressed, looking ready for a good day’s school work, are more inclined to display the right sort of attitudes to behaviour and classroom studies. Uniform also helps to reinforce the feeling of school community.

Please ensure all uniform is clearly named.

All pupils

Knee length skirt or pinafore dress - grey / tights – grey
Trousers, shorts or skorts (available from Skool Kit)- grey
Polo Shirt* - white with school logo (this can also be without a school logo and purchased from any retailer)
Jumper* - navy with school logo
Cardigan* - navy with school logo
Shoes - black; suitable and sensible (not trainers)

Summer Dress - blue and white checked
Socks - grey, black or white (Boys and Girls)

Baseball Cap* - navy (optional)

Painting Overall (Boys and Girls)

Every child should have a pair of plimsolls/trainers for outdoor activities.
PE shorts - black
T shirt - white (Plain white or with the school logo*)
Jogging Trousers - plain black, track suit (optional) 

Jumper - plain black jumper or hoodie                                                

* These items, embroidered with our logo, can be ordered through School Trends  My clothing, previously Tesco or purchased from SkoolKit in Eastleigh.                                                                                

Please provide your child with a school bag, in which he or she can carry a lunch box, books, homework and various other items between home and school. The bag must fit in a locker. We ask that all items are clearly named.

Jewellery & Make Up
This is not appropriate in a primary school and we ask parents not to allow pupils to wear it. Children with pierced ears may wear simple ear studs, but these must be removed for PE or covered by tape (to be provided by parents)


Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

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Please quote our reference number 9744 when ordering