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At Hiltingbury Junior School, we view Science as the foundation for understanding the world around us, and believe it to be a subject which should be driven by excitement, curiosity and awe and wonder.


Science education is key in allowing our children to make informed decisions about new technologies, their health and other important matters, and in turn inspiring them to create a better world for future generations. Our school houses are named after prominent Scientists, making central the contribution Science has made to changing lives and building a culture of innovation.

We place importance on children’s attitudes in Science too and we work hard to implement an inclusive curriculum which fosters our Hiltingbury Learner skills. Opportunities to engender attitudes of enquiry, working together, creativity, originality, ambition, perseverance, independence and curiosity permeate through our whole approach to Science.

At Hiltingbury Junior School, we endeavour to implement a Science curriculum that will give our children the confidence and motivation to continue to develop their skills into the next stage of their education and beyond.