Parent Forum

Research has shown that parental involvement in their child’s education is twice as predictive of their child’s academic success as socioeconomic status. As a school we are continually looking for ways to increase the home/school relationship and Parents’ Forum is one of those initiatives.  We aim to meet once a half term, alternating the day of the week and the time of the session to ensure that as many parents as possible can access these meetings over time.

All parents are welcome and the meeting is led by the Headteacher and/or the Deputy Head.  The issues discussed are either raised by the school or requested by the parents and it continues to be a positive opportunity to share information, ideas or concerns in a constructive way.  If there is something specific that you would like discussed in the meeting then please do let the Headteacher know via the office.

Minutes from our meetings

Parent Forum Minutes 24th May 2018
Parent Forum Minutes 9th November 2017
Parent Forum Minutes 12th May 2017 

Parent Forum Minutes 28th February 2017

Parent Forum Minutes 15th November 2016
Y3 Transition Parents Forum Minutes
Parent Forum minutes 19th May 2016
Parent Forum minutes 25th January 2016

Parent Forum minutes 3rd December 2015
Parent Forum minutes 22nd October 2015
Parent Forum minutes 8th July 2015
Parent Forum minutes 2nd December 2014

Parent Forum minutes 29th September 2014

Parent Forum minutes 15th July 2014
Parent Forum minutes 12th March 2014
Parent Forum minutes 8th October 2013