Sport Funding

At Hiltingbury Junior School we have continued to place an emphasis on physical activity over the lunch hour for all children. We have employed a lunch time play leader to oversee the physical activity and fund play equipment for the children to use.

We continue to offer after school sports and our football and cross country teams have performed well at local events. There is a range of after school activities on offer for the children with good take up.

Maintaining our astroturf pitch continues to be a priority so that quality games lessons can be taught during the winter months when the field is out of use. Similarly this area allows quality lunch time sports activities to be played year round, separate from an already quite crowded playground.

Developing the PE and games curriculum has also been a major initiative over the last couple of years in response to the new National Curriculum. Staff have received training on how to develop and extend their games lessons and improve their own skill level in order to better teach each sport. Similarly there have been improvements to the gymnastics curriculum.

The school sports equipment continues to be improved as a result of the funding and this will continue to be the case with money set aside to continually improve the stock. This is vital so that teachers can teach in the most effective way and develop children’s skills without being hampered by poor, or a lack of, equipment.

Maintaining and developing the above points will continue to be a theme for our sports funding over the coming few years.

Information on grant allocation and how we spent the allocation each year can be found by clicking the relevant link


Information regarding swimming achievement will be added in June when the Games units has been taught.

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